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  • United As One, More Confident More Powerful

    United As One, More Confident More Powerful

    In the Spring Festival of 2020, a war without Gun smoke broke out. Yes, it is COVID-19 epidemic. Since it breaks, China has taken comprehensive, strenuous and thorough measures that are now showing results. When our country was facing this war, some countries reached out to us and donated some medical protective to us. At present, the COVID-19 epidemic has break out at multiple points around the world. On the battlefields of various countries in the fight against the epidemic,overseas Chinese are also active. Donate supplies, share experiences, call for unity ...They dedicated their mind and joined hands with the local people to fight the "epidemic". The COVID-19 continues to spread globally. According to the latest data from international news, as of 12:00 on March 24, Beijing time, a total of 381,499 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, 16,557 deaths, and 101,794 people were cured. In response to the epidemic, following Italy, France, Spain and other countries, 14 countries announced national restrictions. So far, at least 40 countries around the world have adopted national restrictionsAs a people who has experienced the epidemic, let me share something about how we fight the COVID-19 epidemic? First,What the Chinese government and related departments did: 1.Establish relevant prevention and control teams, implement material allocation, conduct relevant drug research, and implement reimbursement expenses. 2.Do a good job in monitoring and preventing wild animal epidemic diseases, strictly implement the direct reporting system of wild animal epidemic disease monitoring networks, closely monitor, report and properly handle the abnormal deaths of wild animals and the occurrence of disease in a timely manner. 3. Strengthen scientific and technological research, and give full support to cooperate with scientific and technological departments to carry out scientific research on emergency technology for epidemic prevention and control. 4. Cooperate with law enforcement departments such as public security and market supervision to severely crack down on all kinds of illegal acts that destroy wildlife resources, and effectively maintain ecological and public health security. 5. In some cities, buses, subways, ferries, long-distance passenger transportation, airports, train stations, etc. are temporarily suspended, and they will pay close attention to the temperature of major car passengers and subway passengers. 6. School start time is delayed and online teaching is implemented. 7. Masks must be worn in public places, and the offenders will be punished according to law. 8. Cancel large-scale events including temple fairs. Second,What can we do as ordinary people: 1. Take proactive safety measures, do well in household disinfection, wash your hands frequently, and wear a mask. 2. Actively cooperate with the command of epidemic prevention and control staff to complete the measurement and collection of information. If it is a student, they should activel...
    - 2020-03-27
  • LITO Top 4 Geschenkideen für Ihre Wahl

    LITO Top 4 Geschenkideen für Ihre Wahl

    Weihnachten und Neujahr stehen vor der Tür. Möchten Sie noch gute Geschenke für Ihre Familie oder Freunde aussuchen? Hier LITO Top 4 Geschenk-Picks für Ihre Wahl, die mehr Produkte wenden Sie sich bitte an uns wenden.
    - 2019-12-11
  • Herzlichen Glückwunsch an LITO

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch an LITO

    Erst gestern, am 18. November 2019, war der 8. Geburtstag von Lito und das ganze Unternehmen war in eine fröhliche, fröhliche Atmosphäre getaucht. Um den 8. Geburtstag von Lito zu feiern, veranstalteten wir zu diesem Zweck eine Geburtstagsreise. Beginnen wir mit einem CS, und alle jugendlichen LITO-Leute waren immer bereit. LITO ist eine große Familie voller Leidenschaft, Mut und Jugend. Abends feierten wir den LITO-Geburtstag, leckeres Obst, erlesene Kuchen ... Jede LITO-Familie genoss die Freude an diesem Geburtstag und die Vielfalt an Speisen und Nachspeisen. Schließlich wünschen wir LITO von Herzen alles Gute zum Geburtstag und ein erfolgreiches Geschäft, kontinuierliche Innovation und kontinuierliche Entwicklung.
    - 2019-11-20
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